But my business doesn’t need a website!

Your competition doesn’t think so.
By Pamela Jacob

Revenues are often lost because many business owners don’t see the value in having a website. They claim their products can’t be sold online and the technology is overwhelming. The fact is, without a web presence they may be losing an incredible opportunity to increase sales and lessen their daily workload.

A well-planned, professional website can expand Your business:
Utilizing the Internet is a cost-effective approach to reaching a large number of people that are interested in your product or service. Comparison shopping is done online these days. “Where do we want to get pizza from tonight?” is most times followed by a quick web search to browse specials, get business hours, and a phone number, prior to making the call. If you are not on the web, where do you fit into this equation?

Improve your image:
Not having a website can make your business look outdated and out of touch with modern technology. It doesn’t paint a picture of success. When you have a website that reflects the image you need, it will attract potential customers and keep your current customers on top of what you have to offer.

If you’re in business, you have competition. Do your competitors have websites?

Increase your profits:
A website allows you to be in business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Potential customers can learn about you anytime.

Marketing is the source of all sales. Leads and sales can be derived from traditional marketing, viral marketing, and marketing on the Internet.

Improved efficiency – time is money:
How many times do potential customers and existing clients call for basic information? A website allows you to provide instant responses to your customers’ questions. What are your normal hours, what is your range of products and services, do you provide on-site estimates etc.?

People have come to expect businesses to have a compelling website even if the business does not offer products that can be purchased on-line. Potential customers are likely to browse for information about products and services before they make a decision on what business they want to work with.

Businesses can’t afford not to have a website.
Is your website an integral part of making money in your business? If not you need to create the brand image needed to attract the customers you want. Juicebox Branding can help you do just that. We specialize in website design and branding services for the small businessperson, and have been in the new media industry for over a decade. www.juiceboxbranding.com 1-855-JUICEBOX

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