Modern-day Marketing

Timeless Design

You can have both.
In fact, when modern day marketing communications unite with time-tested design principles, some amazing things happen. Purposeful customer relationships are built, quality leads are generated and measurable traffic driven to your doors/website.

Think about it.

You have probably visited websites, received direct mail pieces or have seen ads that you instinctively dismissed as “junk” or as “amateur” in a matter of seconds. We have become a culture of ad “skimmers” by sheer necessity as we navigate through thousands of marketing messages each day. The content in these communications might very well be life-changing, but if it’s presented with a “yellow highlighter” sales letter and/or with “DIY” design, it will never get read.

Likewise, what good is a brilliantly designed website or ad without killer copy, a great offer and the ability to track your results? You have spent the time, effort and money to grab their attention; congratulations…now what do you plan to do with it?

What hasn’t changed: people will always react to great stories and great design.

Even with today’s vast content landscape (to put it lightly), customers are still “starved” for great marketing communications; ones that will help them solve a problem or fill a need; ones that tell a story they can relate to their lives. Same as it ever was.

What has changed: everything else.

People are savvier in how they approach marketing communications, on how they separate the “worthy” messaging from the “waste of time” messaging. Bottom line: your marketing must be professional, personal, and fit a need…it better be great.

There are literally thousands of great, new marketing tools at your disposal. Designed to get your company noticed by customers, and to nurture and build each of those relationships into a life-long customer. What are they? Which ones make sense for you? It can seem complicated…

A simple philosophy: customers buy from people they know, like and trust.

We’ve discussed how great design can get you noticed, the necessary precursor to being “known”, and how great copywriting should let your personality shine through. And how the combination of the two should be working towards helping your customers fill a need or fix a problem in a very tangible way. This is how we will build trust.

Only after you successfully complete this critical “know, like, trust” process will it become a logical progression for your customers to then “try, buy, and refer” your products or services.

The marketing tools we use may change. People may consume content in different places and in different ways. But truly great design, copywriting, and marketing communications will always stand the test of time.